IN THE PICTURE: Sylvain Nioufle Papillon, assistant and special envoy of President Laurent Gbagbo, Francisco Javier Gonzalez, President of Arevenca and Kore Moise, advisor of the president and Head of State of the Ivory Coast.
That's the reason why to construct the greater refiner complex of the world
Arevenca increases its global capacity of refinement to 3.5 million barrels per day

Franklin Rodríguez

In the Republic of the Ivory Coast located in Western Africa, the greater petroleum refiner complex of the world will be constructed, through an ambitious project of private initiative, financed and executed in a lapse of five years by AREVENCA, multinational company of Venezuelan origin, which has decided to expand its operations towards other markets and to extend its capacity of transformation of the crude, with an investment superior to seven billions of dollars.

In such sense, a representation of the government of that country, conformed by advisory number one of President Laurent Gbagbo, Mr. Kore Moise and his assistant, Sylvain Nioufle Papillon, visited the president of AREVENCA, Mr. Francisco Javier Gonzalez, in order to work up the details related to the positioning of the first stone, act of great importance that will take place in the next weeks, on the eve of the beginning of the construction of the gigantic work.

President Laurent Gbagbo, through his representative Kore Moise, sent a message saluting the president of the multinational company AREVENCA, Mr. Francisco Javier Gonzalez, in which he expressed the intention of his government to collaborate in everything that is possible for the development of this private project.

The governmental spokesman indicated the unconditional support from all the inhabitants of the nation, to make reality the mentioned project that will result in incalculable benefits for the Ivory Coast, which will be translated in the generation of employment for more than thirty five thousand (35,000) direct and indirect. The construction of this refinery will have a gigantic positive impact in the life of the region becoming the most important economic development in the history of the Ivory Coast, eliminating unemployment almost in its totality, while creating a great demand of goods and services that will attract many investments in all the areas of the commerce, local and international, and will accelerate its growth, placing it at the top of other nations with regard to its standards of life.

Why the Ivory Coast?

AREVENCA's president, when being asked about the decision to open operations in that part of Africa, indicated that there are multiple reasons; some derived from the growth, and others, associated to the increase of the supply, for which, it is necessary to have a series of conditions that facilitate development of the activities that involve the different processes carried out during the refining operations that the company conducts. From this perspective Francisco Gonzalez explained, we are processing at the moment an average of two million two hundred thousand (2.200.000) barrels of crude per day, nevertheless, the immediate goal is to extend our global capacity of refinement, elevating it to 3.5 million.

Taking into account these considerations, when evaluating the possibilities and the advantages, we decided for the Ivory Coast. This is a nation that meets special conditions, by its strategic geographic situation in the western region of the African continent, which facilitates exporting towards the different markets.

On the other hand, Gonzalez added, not only we are going to build this refiner complex in the Ivory Coast; also we are going to build a port and marine terminals for shipping out our products, and we will have the patios for the tanks with capacity of storage for several million tons, and also marine platforms for our open sea operations.

They confirmed the beginning of the work within the next weeks

They were already confirmed and they are working, the executive team, managerial team, technical and logistic teams, according to information coming from the president of AREVENCA, Francisco Javier Gonzalez Alvarez, as well as from the gentlemen Kore Moise and Sylvain Nioufle Papillon, who after showing satisfaction by the reaches obtained, they confirmed that, in a few weeks will begin the construction work to erect such an important plant.

Finally, Mr. Kore Moise, presented in an official way, that by disposition of President Laurent Gbagbo, Francisco Javier Gonzalez, is designated Honorary Consul of the Ivory Coast.
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